My First Month In Amazon FBA Program Has Been a Failure

Amazon FBA SnapshotMy first month being a part of the Amazon FBA program has been a total disaster. The fulfillment by Amazon program is where you supply the monster website with physical products where you hope to leverage their incredible marketing machine to make some extra cash.

I know someone who is part of this program and has been really successful. This person was super generous and gave me all the tips I needed to get started.

I decided to start mainly with books. You can get some really great books that sell well on Amazon just by visiting any bookstore or thrift store. The idea of course is to make a bit more than you sell it for.

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Most Online Marketing Webinars Are a Waste

Junk Yard

After all my years in online marketing I’ve finally come to the conclusion that most online marketing webinars are a complete waste of time. I knew it in the back of my mind for quite some time but it actually hit home one night. They are like the picture to the left. A big pile up of junked cars.

I stopped signing up for webinars for many reasons which I will get to in a moment. After a year I signed up for one and regretted it big time.

Halfway through I began asking myself, “why, why, why!” Why in the world did I waste my time again!

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Why I Left Verizon Wireless After 13 Years – What’s Next?

man holding smart phoneI’ll always remember the first time I got a cell phone. It was in the year 2000 while I was living and working in Connecticut. I asked a co-worker of mine what the best cellphone service was. He said Verizon.

So I signed on with Verizon and actually still have my very first phone. It would be considered a piece of junk today!

13 years later I decided to leave Verizon for a number of reasons and further down below in this post I will share with you the number one reason which is super exciting.

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This Is Not One of The Most Effective Email Marketing Strategies

email symbolI, like many other online marketers, subscribe to a bunch of email lists because I want to learn as much as possible. I also want to be informed of informational products and cool products for my websites such as plugins and other tools.

One thing I can’t stand about certain folks in the business is blatant lying. Lying is not one of the most effective email marketing strategies.

Me calling someone a liar is strong language, I know. How else can you describe email subject lines that are obvious lies to get people to open them?

This isn’t a gray area for me. It’s definitely black.

I know a lot of marketers out there consider this only “fibbing” as an acceptable way to increase your open rates and thus increase your sales.

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Great Gifts For Entrepreneurs They’ll Love

logitech washable keyboardI consider myself to be completely qualified to show you all these great gifts for entrepreneurs. You see, I consider myself to be one because I don’t have the typical nine to five job.

I always had a fire within me to own my own small business, make my own hours and create products. I’ve been able to do that.

Along with being an entrepreneur comes really cool gifts. There are also some very unique items you can get.

This page is dedicated to those who travel, new entrepreneurs, creatives ones, retailers and finally tech equipment which might be my favorite.

Images courtesy of Amazon

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Solavei Business Opportunity – Is It Legit?

spolavei phone zteI wanted to write this page about a home business phone service because I finally got one. I own a small business and have no employees so I just need a cheap internet business phone service. A little later on I want to tell you about the Solavei business opportunity I’m a part of now.

I researched a few small business phone service providers and they were just too complicated and most of them were too expensive. I know a ton of people in my shoes and they have all for the most part chosen an expensive one.

Have you been looking for telephone systems small business owners can afford? Keep reading because I want to tell you all about it.

Image Credit: Images on this page provided courtesy of Solavei and the Image design/ layout was created by mykeepon.

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A Little Bit of Squidoo Income

20 dollar bill**Update** Squidoo has undergone massive changes in the last few months which have obliterated hundreds if not thousands of relationships it once had with it’s lensmasters. In the name of “cleaning” up less than desirable lenses from their site they have blasted thousands of great lenses at the same time. Without saying this in exact words they are showing they don’t like it when you make so much money from their site. Remember the book about who moved my cheese? The cheese has been moved. It’s time to find a new place to earn income from your hard work. Squidoo just isn’t that place anymore. **Update Over**

I’ve been working the last several months on getting a little bit of Squidoo income. I wanted to tell you that I’m making progress. Squidoo is a site made up of mostly all user generated content.

We are all considered “lensmasters” and my profile name is “mykeepon”. I’ll explain that to you another time!

I have over 250 lenses created. These are all unique pages of content I have on their site. I have created pages on all things I’m interested in or have expertise in.

For instance, I have a ton of pages dedicated to all things baseball, kids exercise, toys and the outdoors.

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HostGator Review – The Place To Host Your Website

I used HostMonster for several years and have decided to sever ties with them and now I decided to write a HostGator review. I always like to wait for a period of time before reviewing any product or service, whether it was a good experience or bad.

You never know, a bad beginning might turn into the best thing ever or maybe a great beginning with a company might turn sour after ownership changes or the product isn’t upgraded.

I didn’t believe there was a clear cut winner in the hosting world but I’m pretty confident now HostGator is the winner.

Sometimes it comes down to personal preference or maybe you read a review like this one and decided to try one particular company.

It’s very hard as online marketers because there are a ton of choices out there for everything, whether it’s a course on how to build a membership site, a popup to capture people for your email list or Web hosting. Here is my story and HostGator review.

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Really Quick Web Copywriting Tips

letters on a ballI have some really quick web copywriting tips for you. I have had actual success online after many years of trying and failing. One thing I failed a lot at was copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of writing in a way that sells products. The main goal of a copywriter is to have a good conversion rate which is the percentage of people who buy after seeing your sales page.

Even if you’ve never written a sales page before, learning the basics will allow you to start writing and meet your goals of reaching your target audience with materials which will help them.

This really quick crash course will show you how to use one of the oldest and most proven copywriting formulas in advertising history: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA).

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3 Website Traffic Building Tactics That Don’t Work Anymore

web spelled in 3dAs online marketing progresses, certain traffic building techniques are going to stop working, while others will rise to prominence. Yet many marketers will still continue to employ old tactics even once they stop working.

Why? Because Google doesn’t announce when they change their algorithm. That is very annoying. The other annoying part is that even when it is found out these techniques don’t work anymore we still do it because we haven’t been told the correct way to do it.

This leads to more products we have to buy just to find out.

Here are three previously popular traffic building techniques that are now worthless. If you’re using any of these tactics, it’s time to pick a different approach and move on. Trust me on this because I’ve experienced the heartache and don’t want you to feel the same pain.

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